Liz Degroff

Four Dots Photography
Skills B&W Editing , Lighting Situations , Storytelling


Liz DeGroff, of Four Dots Photography, is a wife and stay at home mom of 2 boys living in eastern Pennsylvania.  Before she left the workforce to stay home and raise her kids, Liz was an early childhood educator.  Like so many others, she was drawn to photography after the birth of her children when she realized how important it was to her to capture her constantly growing and changing family in a beautiful and memorable way.  It only took 6 months of actively shooting for Liz to realize that her true passion was documentary photography, and she has spent the last year and a half dedicating herself to learning and refining the craft of documenting life as it really is.  Liz is currently working on transitioning from hobbyist to professional as she starts to build her business, and she is also a contributor to the stock company Cavan Images.

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